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Knot for…




Knot for…

Arevagorg, the joint initiative of the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen and Megerian Carpet, is waiting for the knots in the lobby of Marriott hotel.

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Starting from Principle of Accountability

Preservation of social justice, equality in payments, long-term vision, immunity of the amounts and absolute accountability to the society are the fundamental principles of the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen. Only by strictly following these principles can we achieve in preserving the core values of the Foundation. The only stakeholders of the Foundation are the soldiers and their families both equally important for the Foundation.

Towards a noble goal with small steps

The foundation was created for the purpose of insuring and providing compensations to soldiers and families of soldiers who have been injured or deceased when defending the borders of our two motherlands. Each small investment has already given the possibility to realize this aim and we believe that with the help of our unity, mandatory payments and donations the Foundation will continue to guarantee the security of the soldiers serving on the border.

Positive changes

We are inspired by the fact that our activity has formulated a new shared sense of national identity based on the value of motherland and on full perception of the sense of responsibility towards the life of our soldiers. By virtue of the Foundation, the means of supporting the Soldier have changed and now we all have undertaken the mission of defending our motherland.