Recognizing the price paid by our soldiers for our peace and for the wellbeing of future generations, the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen was created to insure the social wellbeing of soldiers injured while on active duty as well as that of the families of soldiers who died while performing their duties.  

The insurance Foundation for Servicemen will provide monetary compensation to the families of soldiers as well as to soldiers injured or fallen in combat on or after January 1st 2017 .

Every employed person in Armenia, by giving 1000 drams ($2) from their salary to the Foundation, insures a soldier’s life. This is our small thanks to those men, who are no longer able to fight for the wellbeing of their families, because they died or were injured while fighting for us. By taking this step we acknowledge that our nation and our nation’s defense is the greatest purpose and each of us is a means of fulfilling that purpose.

It is therefore one of the Foundation’s objectives to encourage everyone to stand alongside the brave servicemen of Armenia by making a small donation for their insurance.  

The Foundation operates on the principle of complete transparency. In enactment of this principle this website provides the possibility to see both your donations and your obligatory stamp duty. At any given time it is possible to see the total funds of the Foundation as well as the total amount of compensations.