Visit to Artsakh

Mr. Varoujan Avedikyan the director of the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen visited Artsakh on January 15 for a 2-day trip. He met the existing and possible beneficiaries of the foundation, got acquainted with the existing issues and addressed questions raised. 

Mr Avedikyan also had meetings with the state and labor, social  and resettlement affairs of the Artsakh Republic, officials of the Defense Army, the National Security Service, the Police and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Among other issues, they have discussed how to overcome current challenges, simplify paperwork, immeditely provide compensations to the families of fallen heroes and those who got 1 and 2 group disability as a result of September 27 war.

Arrangements were reached during the visit, within the framework of which both sides should establish strict mutual control over the process and provide feedback to each other.

Artsakh public TV reference of the meeting with beneficiaries.