15th meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation

Please be informed that the Board of Trustees of the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen held a meeting with the following agenda on February 10, 2021:

  • Election of the Acting Chairman of the Board of Trustees,
  • Presentation of the work carried out by the Foundation,
  • Presentation of the work to be carried out by the Foundation,
  • Presentation of the employees’ involvement process,
  • Adoption of the Board Decision on the organization and conduct of the Foundation's

           procurement process, in accordance with Annex 1.

The foundation has a new Board of Trustees board based on the decision of January 29.

Board meetings

The first meeting of the Board of Directors took place on the 2nd of March 2017.

During the meeting the Board decided to:

  1. Choose Vigen Sargsyan (Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia) as Chairman of the Board. 
  2. Appoint Varoujan Avedikian (Head of Legal Department at the Central Bank of Armenia) President of the Foundation. 
  3. Approve the 2017 budget proposal - on the condition of adding the yearly income of the Foundation to the budget. 
  4. Approve the Staff list - on the condition of adding the post of Public Relations Officer.
  5. Approve the Creation, operation rules as well as the members of the Executive Committee
  6. Approve the Donation collection rules.
  7. Approve the rules of creation and operation of the ALM committee. 
  8. Approve the Compensation payment rules.
  9. Approve the External Auditor Selection rules. 
  10. Approve the rules on the forms and the means of quarterly report publication, including the compensation report form.

The second Board Meeting of the Foundation took place on the 3rd of July 2017. The following questions were discussed during the meeting.

  1. Approve the intinerary of the Board Meeting
  2. Appoint an internal auditor 
  3. Approve the internal audit rules 
  4. Approve the methodology paper on donation collection  
  5. Approval of future Board Meeting schedules
  6. Presentation of the "Financial Advise from the Specialists" booklet created in collaboration with the Central Bank of Armenia
  7. Director's report on the Foundation's work